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Athens Authentication Point

Login to Taylor & Francis JISC with your personal Athens account to provide the following benefits:
  • No need to remember a separate Taylor & Francis JISC username and password
  • Access to all the great personalisation features of Taylor & Francis JISC (E-mail alerts, title booking, help desk, title search, view sample pages etc.)
  • Access to Taylor & Francis JISC outside of your institutional IP-address range
  • Single sign on (SSO) across multiple Athens-enabled information resources
  • Click here to visit Taylor & Francis JISC


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Important Notes: If you have already created a personal Taylor & Francis JISC username and password, and then choose to activate your personal Athens account for Taylor & Francis JISC, both your original Taylor & Francis JISC username and password, and the Taylor & Francis JISC-activated Athens username and password will remain active and usable in Taylor & Francis JISC. However, any personalisation options you set up under your Taylor & Francis JISC username will not be transferred to your Athens username. You will need to set these up again once you have activated your Athens username.

Your insitution`s Taylor & Francis JISC account must be Athens enabled before you can log on to Taylor & Francis JISC with your Athens ID. If you can login sucessfully to Athens, but then receive a Taylor & Francis JISC authentication error, please contact your institution`s Athens administrator for further help.

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